About Us


Del Sol Delivery LLC is a full-service transportation provider based in Grand Rapids, MI. Since our founding in 2012, Del Sol Delivery LLC has been providing reliable and cost-effective transportation services to hundreds of companies across the U.S. Each day, our mission is to operate with the highest level of honesty, integrity and transparency. We place a strong focus on providing realistic expectations to our customers, as we prefer to under-promise, over-deliver and exceed in customer satisfaction.


From the road to the office, our values are what drive us. Since the inception of Del Sol Delivery LLC, our vision has remained the same: to become an Ally with our customers, and maintain a trusting relationship with every single person. While the idea of becoming an Ally starts with our customers, it is a universal theme within our company, and carriers over to our employees, agents and close-contract partners.

Team Members

At Del Sol Delivery LLC, our employees come ready to work each day with focus, determination and the desire to succeed. Employees have positions tailored to them by their skill sets which allows positional growth within our company. 

Robert William

Logistics Engineer

Sara Jefferson

Customer Service

Chris Marison

Inventory manager

Elizabeth Pattinson

Supply chain manager